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Ross and Tracey Denby are a multi-faceted couple:

Special education teacher – Financial accountant and counsellor – Partners- World Travellers – Volunteers

Most importantly, they are helpers.

Together with their team of support workers, they draw on past careers and personal experience with disability support to ensure that every participant they work with can thrive. 

Bass River Country isn’t just their team; it’s all of ours.

- Anon.

Tracey Denby, Manager

Tracey was engaged as an accountant until traveling to Myanmar and working in the community there with children and families who struggle to put food on their table. Later returning to Australia, Tracey then studied Diplomas of Case Management and Financial Counselling. After 2 1/2 years with The Salvation Army as a Financial counsellor she stepped out to co-found Bass River Country with Ross. Tracey also established Paul’s Table Café and works there as one of the trainers in hospitality.

Bass River Country Team Photo

Ross Denby, Manager

Ross has worked for many years in secondary colleges until moving over to Special Education as an Art teacher. He also has worked overseas in Myanmar as an English teacher in both villages and universities. After returning to Australia, he then reinvented himself as an instructor in hospitality and is the main barista and trainer at Paul’s Table Café which he co-founded with Tracey. Both Ross and Tracey were parents of a child who had a disability, so they know from personal experience the struggles families face when looking for services for their loved ones.

We Support The NDIS

We share the mission of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to improve the lives of every Australian facing significant and permanent disabilities, as well as their carers and families. We are proud to be a registered NDIS Plan Manager, and hope you will join us in showing your support. 

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