Innovative Individualised Activities

We Create Tailored Activities For Our Participants

You already know that your participant has a unique story to share. We can help them find the best way to express it. We take a personalised and innovative approach to help participants improve communication skills, whether it’s through a camera lens, paintbrush or recipe. 

Photography to Floristry to Arts and Craft
Limited only by your imagination

These bespoke hands-on activities empower participants to fully express themselves. We teach them the technical savvy whilst building up their communication skills and social participation. Activities result in exhibitions to the public as well as providing items to be sold in the Bass Bowerbird store.

Bass River image of photography and art
image of participant holding an art project they made
participant working on art project

Individualised Meal Preparation

We treat the kitchen as a creative space and find that encouraging participants to express their individuality through cooking is a recipe for success. 

All meals are the participants’ choice and include planning, shopping, time management as well as culinary skills and presentation. 

This activity can culminate in a dinner party for friends and family.

image of cake from paul's cafe
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Individualised activity in other skill acquisition

Every participant is different, and that means some ways of communicating will work better than others. 

We can work with you to create individualised activities to help participants thrive. 

“Let us know what you would like to learn and we will find someone with a passion for that activity to impart their skills and enthusiasm whilst encouraging you to socialise with the local community.”

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